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In this fabulous piece of subway art, the Holstee Manifesto captures virtually every piece of good advice that you can give to yourself. What better reminder is there that life is short and that you've got to make the most of every day? Vinyl lettering makes it look like you hired someone to paint it on your wall. You won't be putting it all up at the same time so there's no need to be intimidated. It will come in managable strips with alignment arrows that will ensure each piece is in the exactly correct position. You don't need to worry about taking it down when the time comes either, the lettering peels off easily without leaving marks or damaging the paint. Made-to-order in the USA from the highest quality vinyl on the market you'll be extremely pleased with our quick turnaround and the quality of the product. You will love the postive vibe that comes into the room wherever this is placed. Order today! At Words Anywhere we're as busy as bees turning over our vinyl inventory! We produce new vinyl lettering daily, and order fresh vinyl monthly. Just like anything, vinyl has a shelf-life. Some vinyl sellers make 100 copies of a layout, put them on a shelf, then sell them cheap. The customer thinks, "What a deal!", but the problem is those layouts can sit on the shelf for months or years, moving beyond the product's shelf-life. What you receive may be more brittle and less tacky because it's old vinyl; it's more difficult to install and has uncertain longevity. The best burger places don't start cooking your burger until after you've ordered, and the best vinyl places don't produce your layout until after you've ordered (and from fresh vinyl stock!) That's the Words Anywhere way.

*** If you'd like to order this layout in a size or color not specified, please note the SKU above and contact us. There's no difference in cost for a color change. The only added cost to you would be if you wanted a bigger size, and then only in proportion to the size increase.

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